AntiAging Tips for Everyone

Your mother probably gave you a lot of good advice over the years, but she probably didn't tell you that you can get zits and other blemishes well into your golden years. So much for wrinkles being the only skin problem you have to worry about!
The good news is that there are simple skin care tricks that will not only keep your skin healthy and zit-free, they'll also help you look as young as possible, and minimize wrinkles.
  • Get some rest: Sleep is important to all aspects of good health, including healthy skin, because that's when your metabolic rate slows and your body can focus on self-repair, but it's not just getting enough sleep that's important. How you sleep matters, as well. Your facial skin will age more rapidly if you sleep on your face, so if you're a side sleeper, make sure you roll over from time to time, and if you sleep on your stomach, consider a satin pillowcase, as the fibers won't grip your skin.
  • Remember those Omega-3s: Everyone's touting the benefits of the omega-3 fatty acids that you find in flax, canola oil, fish, and walnuts, and they're not wrong. Omega-3s help decrease inflammation in the skin, and that's crucial to looking youthful, because inflammation means that elastin and collagen are being lost, and wrinkles and sagging are developing.
  • Exfoliate: Using a facial cleanser, scrub or peel that contains alpha hydroxy micro-beads removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and allows new ones to come forth. Do this a couple of times a week, and your skin will look smoother and more radiant, but don't do this if you have overly sensitive skin, or serious acne. It's also best to exfoliate at the end of the day, so you're not putting makeup or sunscreen on freshly scrubbed skin.
  • Get Drenched: Keeping your whole body hydrated by drinking plenty of water is essential to healthy, age-defying skin, but water enough isn't enough. Even people with oily skin still need a good moisturizer, and this is one place where you don't want water, because that will actually remove moisture from your skin. Instead, look for a daily moisturizer that contains ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids, and supplement it with a nighttime serum, cream, or lotion that is heavy on anti-oxidants like green tea extract, ferulic acid or vitamin C. Retinoids are also an excellent nighttime skin remedy, as they're loaded with vitamin A and can actually reduce some of the tell-tale signs of aging, like blotches, fine lines, and enlarged pores. You'll have to see your doctor, though, as retinoids are only available by prescription.
  • Stay Out of the Sun: Avoiding the sun isn't just a fashion trend; it's an important part of skin care. Use sunscreen every day, and when you're outside be sure to wear sunglasses and a broad-brimmed hat. Loose gauzey clothing that covers your skin will keep you cool without letting you burn, even in the hottest of temperatures. The key is to avoid ultraviolet light, which damages DNA and breaks down collagen.
Keeping your skin from betraying your age isn't difficult - pamper your body, baby your skin, and your face and hands will keep your secret.