Skin Care Tips for Teens

If you're a teenager, you probably feel like you're doomed to have zits forever, and fighting acne may seem like a new sport. The good news is that the teen years and their accompanying hormonal flux don't last forever. In the meantime, there are some simple things you can do to care for your skin, and help fight the outbreaks.
  • Never pick your zits.. Resist the urge to pop that pimple. Picking, pinching, popping and squeezing zits can actually cause acne scars. Use an acne-pen for quick, spot-specific relief, instead.
  • Cleanse gently. Whether you're a boy or a girl, you should use a cleanser to wash your face, not ordinary soap, and if possible, you should choose one that fits your skin type. When you wash your face, use your fingertips and a little bit of water with the cleanser, then use a soft cloth or chamois to rinse thoroughly. Don't scrub too hard, that can actually make your skin produce excess oil, or aggravate blemishes. You should wash your face in the morning, before bed, and after any heavy exercise.
  • Always use sunscreen. Sunscreen of at least SPF 30 is a must no matter how old you are. While it's true that a tan or a light sunburn can make your skin feel less oily, it's also true that those things lead to premature aging, and even skin cancer. Remember that if you're swimming or sweating, sunscreen must be reapplied.
  • For girls: make-up matters. When you choose your make-up products, be sure that your foundation, blusher, and moisturizer are oil-free, and don't be afraid to ask a cosmetics-department salesperson for assistance in choosing products appropriate to your skin type.
  • For boys: shave with care. Shaving may make you feel more mature, but you'll save your skin if you do it only when you really have to. Take care to avoid nicking any zits or other blemishes by using a lighter touch, and experiment with different kinds of razors to find the most comfortable kind for your skin.
While the tips above will help keep your skin healthy and blemish-free, it's also important to get plenty of sleep (just because Mom says it, doesn't make it wrong), drink lots of water, and save the pizza and potato chips for special occasions.